Shore Excursion:




Excursion will pass trough the main gate of old town Kotor and will visit first the medieval fortune tower on Kotor main square ( Trg od oruzja – The place of arms) with a stone pyramid used as a pillory. Then through narrow streets to St. Triphon’s piazza and visiting St. Thripun’s cathedral (11th century). After that visiting Maritime museum and St. Luca’s church, St. Nicholas church, St. Ozana church, Santa Maria church as well and east and west entrance in old town. During the walking tour the visitors will pass through many squares and small piazzas. Walking tour one hour.




This shore excursion includes visiting old town Perast which became an independent town in late 14th. Century. Perast, whose prosperity was based on maritime trade, is the most prominent example of Baroque architecture on the Adriatic coast with sumptuous palaces and elegant houses. Visiting Maritime museum, St. Nicola church and church Our Lady of Rock on artificial island. All entrance tickets & tender included.

The excursion will take three and half hours.



Montenegro air

The excursion begins with a walking tour through the old town of Kotor and a visit to the Maritime Museum and the Cathedral of St. Tripun. It proceeds by bus toward Cetinje via the Lovcen winding road through the village Njeguše near the house of Petar Petrovic Njegoš, Montenegrin statesman and poet. During the ride the view opens up towards the mountain of Lovcen with the magnificent mausoleum erected in his memory.

On the road from Cetinje to Budva the bus stops for a panoramic view of the Montenegrin coast with Sveti Stefan, Milocer and Budva. In Budva we shall take you for a tour of the old town and visit of the churches of St. Ivan, St. Mother of God, Mary on the cape and St. Savo. Return to Kotor with view of the beach Jaz, Grbaljsko polje and Tivat. The excursion will take abt. 8 hours. All entrance tickets included.




Excursion start with visit to Hotel island St. Stefan which is linked with the land. The most exotic encounters of land and sea, stands the island of St. Stefan. As legend has it, a fort was built on the island in 1442. On same island Sofia Loren has own apartment and she said for island:” As if I had returned to the city from the most beautiful fairy tale of my childhood”. After St. Stefan the tourist will proceed to old town Budva which is considered as one of the oldest settlements in the Balkans. The legend, confirmed by Greek mythology, says that Budva was established by Cadmo, the son of the Phoenician king Agenon. He was expelled from Thebes and arrived by ox-drawn car in this area where he started Budva. Visiting churches: St. Ivan – VII century, St. Mother of God – year 840, St. Sava – year 1413, St. Trinity – year 1804.

Back to Kotor with panoramic view  on a lot of beaches and small villages.

All entrance ticket included in price.

The excursion will take abt. three hours.





You will enjoy visiting Skadar Lake, the largest lake on the Balkan peninsula and the largest bird preserve in Europe which host over 270 bird species. Rich flora and fauna, together with fishermen towns and villages make it more beautiful.

Excursion include stop in local restaurant for fresh fish prepared and served on traditional way. The excursion will take abt. five hours.





The Tara Canyon is the longest and deepest in Europe. Only the Grand Canyon of river Colorado in the United States is deeper than Tara Canyon. At the deepest place in the canyon the rocky cliffs are much as 1300 meters high! Rafting on the rivers a real challenge for those longing for adventure and intact nature. After rafting we will stop in national restaurant for lunch prepared and served on traditional way. Rafting and lunch in national restaurant included in price.