Yacht Support

Tailored to the individual need of every yacht.

As a well experienced yacht agent and supplier providing unique and personalized service to yachts sailing along Montenegrin coast. From the planning to implementation of all aspects of the cruise, Boka Adriatic agents are available 24/7.


Our team is composed of local people, always ready for fast support, complete and efficient service, including clearances and formalities, concierge services, various supplies and bunkering.


Facing the biggest challenges in the yachting industry and exceeding the expectations of our clients are our main goals. We tailor each service to the individual need of every yacht and our primary mission is to support the complex and demanding role of Captains and crew, allowing them to deliver the level of service required by guests and owners.

We are aware that the happiness of the guests and crew lies in the hands of the Chef! Our provisioning department can provide fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and meat, poultry, dairy, ecological & organic products, gourmet products, foreign brands, frozen products, wines, beverages and liquors, within 24h -72h at the most convenient delivery time. Whatever product or accessory is needed, anytime, anywhere, whether it is yacht toiletries, biodegradable cleaning supplies, flowers or special guest requests, our team will take care of it.


We deliver duty free fuel at most major ports in Montenegro dealing directly with fuel suppliers, always making sure that everything is well arranged in the most convenient and cost-efficient manner.