About Montenegro



“At the moment of birth of planet, the most beautiful meeting of Land and sea was on the Montenegrin coast” – Lord Byron

Surrounded by the limpid sea, hemmed in by white stone and illuminated by the Mediterranean sun, Montenegro is one of the last oases of the old continent where one can still hide from the hasty rhythm of the civilization and catch one’s breath with the murmur of waves and stupefying scent of he nature,

Whichever way one may choose to come to Montenegro, one will be met by magnificent, unspoilt nature and hospital people.

Impressive mountain peaks, spectacular canyons, fascinating bays, innumerable sandy beeches and endless blue sea will leave you dumb-founded! ,

Montenegro is – no doubt-the last European secret.

Let the following information present this undiscovered country:

Surface : 13.812 km2,
Population: 620.000,
Coastline length: 294 km,
Beaches: 117, length 73 km

Highest mountain – 2.522 m (Durmitor, Bobotov kuk)

Biggest lake: Skadar lake -391 km2

Deepest canyon: The Tara River – 1300 m

Border crossings:
Albania – Bozaj and Sukobin
Bosnia and Herzegovina – Sitnica, Vilusi, Scepan Polje
Croatia – Debeli brijeg

Ports :
Bar, Budva, Kotor and Zelenika

Airports :
Podgorica and Tivat (Cilipi – Croatia)

Visas :
For the stay of up to 30 days the citizens of the following countries do not need a visa for Montenegro: EU countries, Andorra, Albania, Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Byelorussia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Israel, Island, Japan, Canada, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Moldavia, Monaco, Norway, New Zealand, Russia, Romania, USA, San Marino, Switzerland, Ukraine, Vatican. Citizens of other countries need visas (which can be issued in any diplomatic mission of Serbia and Montenegro).